Kandy is situated in the central hills of Sri Lanka and having a mild weather compared to Colombo. It is the ancient hill capital pf Sri Lanka. This picture shows the Temple of Tooth Relic which is accepted as the most sacred place when Sri Lankan Buddhists are concerned. Lord Buddha's tooth is being kept here.

Some pictures from the famous Peradeniya Botanical Garden. You can see various types of orchids here. In addition beautiful land scapes and flower beds are very common.

In the center of the city and just infront of the Temple of Tooth Relic, you will get this beautiful lake. You can go round the lake in a boat hired here.

See some colorful flowers and few types of orchids you will find here. There will be lot of other varieties including cactus, foliage etc.

These are pictures of Peradeniya University, one of the oldest universities and most beautiful University in Sri Lanka situated just near the Botanical garden and within almost 3-4 km from the Kandy city.