Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka

anuradhapura is a "must visit" tourist attraction in Sri Lanka. It was the kingdom of Sri Lanka from 5th century BC up to 11th century AD. This city was developped by King Pandukabhaya (437-366 BC). This picture shows the famous Kuttam Pokuna (twin ponds).

Famous chetiyas Ruwanweliseya, abhayagiriya, Thuparama etc. can be seen here in Anuradhapura. These massive constructions in more than 2000 years back shows the Sri Lankan ancestors' talents clearly.

This is the ruin of a seven storied building called Lowamahapaya as per the Sri Lankan history book called Mahawamsa. it is a clear evidence to show the level of Sri Lankan architecture in 2000 years back.

Anuradhapura is a peaceful relegious area and this place is called Mahamewna Uyana(garden) where you will find a very interesting buddha statue called Samadhi Prathimawa.
Anuradhapura is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO.