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ABOUT SRI LANKA with attactions, tours and hotels

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island situated slightly below India and was identified as "the pearl of the Indian ocean". It again is being called "the nation of smiling people". It was well known all over the world by it's previous name "Ceylon" where you get "Pure Ceylon Tea". More than that it is one of the best tourist destinations in the world specially in eco tourism where you get lot of natural rain forests, beautiful beaches, game sanctuaries with wild elephants, ancient ruins some goes to the age of Before Chryst (BC), divers land scapes with high biodiversity and many more.

History of Sri Lanka will spread across a time span of more than 3000 years. You will find kingdoms now in ancient ruins in the cities like Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Panduwas Nuwara, Yapahuwa etc. Country is having a present day population of about 20 million people within the total land area of about 25332 sq miles. Colombo is the capital of Sri Lanka and the temperature there will be arround 30 C through out the year with slight changes having only two seasons Rainy season and Dry season. This climate is very attractive to the sea bathers as the sea water temperature very hardly goes below 27 C. Sri Lanka is a place where people belong to so many ethnic groups and so many relegions live with harmony and piece. There was a terorist movement which killed so much of innocent Sri Lankan people mainly by bomb attacks and the government was capable in ending up this blood shed continued for 30 years in 2009 bringing piece to the country. From then on wards tourist arrival to the country was considerably increased and the trend is being continued at present.

Sri Lanka is famous for gems, spices, tea, coconut and rubber etc. Public transport system consists of busses and trains while you get enough taxis and three wheelers on the roads. If you are going to use a taxi or a three wheeler it is better to go by the meter. Holidays applicable in the country are Saturday and Sunday while all full moon poya days are also holidays. Majority of Sri Lankan's are Sinhalese in race and buddhists in religion.Most speaking language is called sinhala which has it's own style of lettering and alphabet.

Tap water from public water supply system in Sri Lanka is safe to drink while water bottles are available in most of the shops. Always look for the sign of "SLS" on the water bottles you purchase as it denotes that the bottle has been manufactured according to the Sri Lanka Standards. Smoking in public areas is prohibited in Sri Lanka. Liquor selling shops are closed on Poya days and after 21.00 hrs on other days by rule.

Enjoy your holiday in the beautiful island Sri Lanka....
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